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  • To talk to testers and read the reviews about The Formula Pro you might think that the invention of sliced bread has met its match.
    - National Parenting Center Review
  • The new Formula Pro is an amazing invention. It is like the Keurig for babies making the perfect bottle every time. I love how much time it saves me during the day. There is no prep when making a bottle and no mess. I really like that the Formula Pro can be used with any type of formula and any bottle brand.
    – PTPA Reviewer
  • This is a great product and really neat. I think it is great for those parents that want a little extra help. Perfect shower gift!
    - PTPA Reviewer
  • Formula Pro is the fastest and easiest way I have seen so far to prepare a formula bottle for your baby. It was crazy easy to assemble and was practically ready to use out of the box. I love that you can use any kind of formula with it cause as parents we know that you may go through two or three formulas before you find what works for your baby. The instruction manual is so easy to use and gives you detailed instructions for whatever brand of formula you choose. It may be slightly higher in price than some may expect but the time, brain power, and stress it saves to new and new again parents is priceless!
    - PTPA Reviewer
  • Overall I am thrilled with the Formula Pro! This product does do what it says it does and it is a lifesaver for those late night feedings! No more trying to warm a bottle while half asleep! Push the button and you are done! If you want to know what to get a formula feeding mom for her babyshower- Get this! She will love you forever!
    - PTPA Reviewer

Formule Pro est un lauréat fier!